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  • $95.00

    111 Eye Decalcification, Activation, Illumination

    Decalcifies, Activates, and Illuminates the pituitary gland, Enhances mental clarity and clairvoyance, improves eyesight, Boosts immune system,Cleanses colon, improves digestive system

  • 5G Neutralizing Technology

  • $25.00$45.00

    This Herbal Elixir Purifies the Blood and helps with Blood clots. An Excellent Herbal Healing Recipe to Internally Purify, Oxygenate, Regenerate & Activate Blood Cells, Circulation, Liver,  & DNA Function

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    Restores Digestive organs Balance, Natural Health & Vitality An Excellent Herbal Healing Recipe to Internally Cleanse, Detox, & ReVitalize Body Digestion & Elimination Function.

  • $25.00$45.00

    Cleanse, Detox, Revitalize Entire Digestive System function by stimulating Colon muscles to move feces.  Removes Metabolic waste Worms and Parasitic species.

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    Frequency Tonic – Natural Organic Herbal Boost of Brain Energy, Blood Circulation, Eye Sight, Focus, Libido, Memory,
    Stamina, Metabolism, Weight Loss, & Wellness

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    Ingredients: Alfalfa,Birch, Burdock, Hyssop, Juniper, Pau D’arco, Willow Bark, Yucca Root.

    This Herbal Elixir Reduces Uric Acid Accumulation in the Blood & Joints. Reduces Pain & Inflammation. Increase Urine Production To Excrete Excess Uric Acid

  • Relieves stress symptoms such as Anxiety, panic attacks, tension, headaches, migraines, insomnia and restlessness

    Disclaimer * it is wise to check with a physician before starting any new regimen. This product is not intended to diagnose sickness

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    Helps with Iron Deficiency, Magnesium, Helps carry oxygen throughout the brain and body. Helps with focus, Increases stamina, Helps with nerve damage. Increased Energy strength and overall wellbeing.

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    Ladies Libido formula


  • Balances the immune system, Treats viral and bacterial infections, Boosts metabolism, and Purifies blood.

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    Liver & Bladder Detox & Regeneration

    Stimulates the Liver and the Gallbladders ability to detoxify the body and purify the blood
    Breaks down Gallbladder stones. Improves conditions of Hepatitis C and Infections. Restores Liver and Gallbladder function